Giuse's Buster Posey will not be played until March 1st

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – A player's ability to crush 100km / h fast balls is hardly a predictor of success, but when games are still just days away, groundstroke testing remains a hot topic during spring training.

A group of Giants hitters took a particularly impressive start.

The Austin Slater, Cameron Maybin and Mac Williamson championships formed a quartet with receiver Aramis Garcia during Wednesday's practice session and sprinkled home runs at the left foot of the stadium at Scottsdale Stadium.

The distances players reach during batting trials are not particularly important, but the quality of the swings they produce is something the coaches keep a close eye on. And until now, all four have distinguished themselves for different reasons.

Slater revised his momentum and throws the ball higher and further, a critical development for a player who struggled to make throws last season. The manager, Bruce Bochy, said that Slater was trying to avoid "choking the ball" and that the first changes he had made to his momentum should give him a better opportunity to hit for the power.

At a live session on Wednesday, Slater crashed an offer from right-hander Trevor Gott over the left center field fence. This was the first and remains the only home training in two days of camp.

Maybin also reworked his momentum during the off season, spending three to four days a month in California with private strikes instructor Craig Wallenbrock. After signing a minor league deal with a guest not on the spring training line-up with the Giants, Maybin said he was not focused on raising the ball, but was determined to make a stronger contact.

Over the past few days, Maybin has pushed several bullets into the outdoor fields, but he also seems to have less and less ground as he polishes his new approach.

Williamson stands out by the absolute power he brings, but also by the fact that he is not able to play in the minor leagues. If Williamson is not part of the 25-player lineup, the Giants must designate him for the assignment.

The teammate said he was completely cured of a concussion that cost him a good part of last season and helped prove it by making a lot of difficult contacts during batting practice. Williamson still uses the same swing mechanics he brought to spring training last year after working with private strike instructor Doug Latta.

The last member of the quartet, Garcia, received rave reviews from baseball president Farhan Zaidi, who admitted he did not know much about the receiver until he arrived in San Francisco in November. Although the Giants recruited veterans Steven Vogt, Cameron Rupp and Rene Rivera to play the match behind Buster Posey, Garcia is in the best form of the group and impressed everyone around the camp with his first shots of the spring.

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