Glazer thinks that Ezekiel Elliott will be with the Cowboys the first week – ProFootballTalk


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At a time when many believe the Cowboys and running back Ezekiel Elliott will have no deal before the start of the season, an influential media member thinks Elliott will be in the first week.

Jay Glazer, of FOX, writes in his weekly mailing for about Elliott's report: "Backstage, Dallas has always claimed that he thought he was present in the first week against the Giants. I think he's going. I think they'll end up with an agreement that will make him the best back in the NFL. I think he will participate in this first match, but you never know in which direction the negotiations are going. "

Ensuring that Elliott is the highest paid player in the NFL seems to be the key to the success of the deal. The Cowboys do not want to do it, but if they want Elliott to be present and satisfied, they will.

Meanwhile, time is running out. Just 10 days into the first game of the regular season, Elliott will be ready to face the Giants, even if he passes the door tomorrow.

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