Going Postal Trailer – Viral video showdown

We were on TV:
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This video was made during our time on a television show called Viral Video Showdown SyFy network. It was great to be on the show.



  1. I like zack king im rom iraq arab is her

  2. lol it's like the movie independents day

  3. Your idea for a video was way better then half day todays.

  4. I wish you guys won.
    But that was cool, that you where on tv still.

  5. Anyone handling my mail like that will not be treated in a polite manner. My mail is important to me and not a joke. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL: Handle With Care!

  6. If everyone is too scared to go out, who even brought him the mail in the first place???

  7. you guys dominated the horror film sucked this one is so much better

  8. He finds his water bill that's over due XD perfect ending

  9. I wish you guys had won the challenge!

  10. there was this trailer in the mailbox

  11. i bet there was nothing in it

  12. Innn vagi vagi vagi vagi pedo

  13. Hey Zach, in my way of thanking you for "Movie Voice" I responded with a can trailer I made for Man of Steel with it

  14. 0:16 Cameraman on the scene.

  15. as 4dtoast said, can we get a tutorial for 1:16?

  16. 1:16 ??? tutorial please 🙂

  17. Make this a real movie! Seriously.

  18. This should be a real movie


  20. Bwahahahahaha!
    Realy love your videos!
    You need someone to work on your equipment though.

    Diving glasses? realy? 😛

  21. they should have seen which vid got more views in the first day. Finalcutking would've won. It's VIRAL video showdown, not JUDGES CHOOSE WINNER showdown.

  22. Fuck Half Day Today. Aaron and Zach RULE.

  23. Wait, what if you have no mail???? What a waste of time

  24. i cant even to begin to understand how you make something like this

  25. what song is at the first?

  26. I wonder what people think when they see them filming like this outside

  27. 154 people thought this was amazing so watched it upside down and hit the like button….

  28. Can you make a video about "S.A.O(Sword art online"'

  29. super awesome! I envy your skillz…

  30. I guess light hearted with the mix of intensity.

  31. Nice light hearted feel. Good work!

  32. Why do i feel like these aliens are stolen from plot device?

  33. Freaking Punny and stupid. Love it.

  34. haters gonna hate *cough* KillTheFear *cough*

  35. they seem to use after effects for the editing

  36. What software did you use for editing it?

  37. you guys should colab with warlaski (i think i spelt that wrong)

  38. I hate Kevin on this show. He has so much more potential. All his years on G4, and he cant even be the sarcastic funny 'Wise cracking" Kevin he was on Attack.

  39. How do you guys fund these?

  40. The series is over I haven't seen one episode yet