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Google Deploys Revised News Tab

Although it's too early to say what the reorganized News tab is going to accomplish exactly, it's clear that it's a step in a totally different direction. A glance at the "Before and After" tab of the GIF's News tab indicates that major news publishers are clearly highlighted, and that the number of titles in the News news piled on top of each other has disappeared. Instead, the modified News tab looks like the map format of the main Google news page or the Google mobile news experience.

Instead of grouping several similar stories under one map, each story seems to have its own map. For example, a search on "MLB" focuses on the MLB's current topic (voting results from the All Star National League) and the stories of three major publishers (CNN, the Washington Post and United States today) are shown in front and in the center, highlighted in boxes. There are fewer links per page, but individual stories are more prominent. There is more white space, but readers will be able to see a preview of each story.

According to Google, in addition to giving more prominence to publisher names, the Updated News tab also organizes articles more clearly. If it is clear that the new design is much less loaded than its predecessor, it will be more difficult to get an idea of ​​the extent of coverage or to read related reports. Like all major new Google product designs, it will probably take some time to get used to it.

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