Google forces some Nest customers to reset their potentially compromised passwords


Picture: Nest

After Nest contacted customers earlier this month to urge them to better secure their accounts, it looks like the company is taking the reins.

The Verge announced Friday that Google's smart home product company was excluding users from their accounts and urging them to reset their passwords if they thought they were at risk. According to the website, the company "stated that it was considering using the measure continuously as information would be compromised".

The company also appears Encourage customers to enable two-factor authentication, which he asked them to do following multiple large-scale hacking incidents. During one incident, a family was alerted by its Nest device to an alert to a ballistic missile that turned out to be a dummy.

In another incident last year, a woman said she was informed via a Nest device that a man was at home and was preparing to kidnap her baby. That too turned out to be the manual work of a hacker.

According to The Verge, Nest started contacting customers whose passwords may have been compromised last night. Nest's main and support accounts on Twitter confirmed users on Friday that the email received was legitimate and the action was taken as a security measure.

"We have just sent password resets to customers. [whose] The account information may have been violated via other sites as a precaution to ensure that only the owner can access the account, "said the company's support account to a user.

However, Verge noted that users should always be on the lookout for potential signs of phishing scams in the event that bad actors seize the opportunity to obtain personal informations.

As we've said before, always avoid reusing passwords and definitely turn on two-factor authentication if you have not already done so. This is especially true for people who have Nest cameras at home. A password manager is also always a good idea.

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