Google is back on Apple Watch with the note-taking app Keeping


Google Keep is a note-taking app that is now available on Apple Watch.


Google is back on the Apple Watch.

A Updated version Google Keep, a note-taking app, is available on all devices, including the Apple Watch, the company announced on Twitter on Tuesday. This marks the return of the tech giant after it stopped supporting Google Maps in 2017. Engadget announced the news sooner.

The note-taking app adds notes, lists, photos and sound to keep you updated on your daily tasks. Keep the works in the same way as Siri. You can talk to your watch and set reminders according to the time or location to display your grocery list when you have arrived at the supermarket, for example. You can also share notes and search for them quickly using audio control.

Google removed its Maps app from the Apple Watch app store in April 2017. Amazon, eBay and Target also removed their apps at about the same time. Google then said that it could again support the Maps application in the future. It was unclear why companies had stopped supporting these apps on Apple Watch.

Google could launch its own smartwatch this year, with a new Nest Cam, a Pixel 3 Lite budget and a Google Home update. The smart watch would probably call the Pixel watch, as a result of Google's technology acquisition by the watch manufacturer Fossil.

In response to a request for comment, Google has indicated its tweet about the availability of Keep on the Apple watch.

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