Google's big announcement for the Game Developer Conference (GDC) will not be announced until tomorrow, but all is not planned by the company. Google announced today a series of upcoming changes to the Play Store, primarily focused on game development, but also many general features for developers.

The most important change is that pre-registration is now available to all developers. The feature arrived all the way in 2015, but until now, it was not available to everyone. Google has started allowing developers to request access late last year.

Bundles, announced in the latest Google I / O and used by many popular apps, will benefit from some improvements. Google now places the maximum size of APK files generated from application bundles at 150MB. Games and other large applications can now use them. In the same order of ideas, the Play Store will now notify users of large downloads when an application (or update) exceeds 150 MB. Previously, users were getting warnings when downloading exceeded 100 MB.

This warning will now appear for applications / updates larger than 150MB.

Other improvements include the ability to perform A / B testing on Play Store listings, customize application listings for specific countries and create instant applications from Unity games. . You can see all the ads from the source link below.