March Madness 2019 Support: Advanced Computer Simulation Reveals Surprising Choices


If the history gives an indication, the support of the madness of March 2019 will be filled with upheavals. This is one of the main reasons why the 2019 NCAA Tournament is one of the most anticipated events of recent years. Superstars like Duke's Zion Williamson and talented pillars like Kentucky are incredibly fun to watch, but at any given moment, they'll come across an outsider who can knock them over. Murray State is likely to be one of the most popular evils in the audience-chosen lunacy of March 2019, with future NBA star Ja Morant leading the show for the Racers. However, choosing the right evils can be the difference between winning and losing your NCAA 2019 Tournament Pool. Before you lock your coins, check out the amazing NCAA 2019 tournament picks and the March Madness predictions from SportsLine's advanced computer model.

Last year, the computer simulation of SportsLine caused huge upheavals, including the huge win of Buffalo, number 13, over Arizona, number 4, of Loyola-Chicago, number 11, of Miami , and Butler, number 10, of Noler. 7 seeds from Arkansas.

This model, which simulates 10,000 games every game, has achieved 12 of 18 first-round losses with double-digit seeds over the last three years. Getting these good choices could literally make or break your March Madness support.

Now, SportsLine's advanced computer model has simulated 10,000 times the entire NCAA tournament to create the perfect support for the NCAA tournaments in 2019 and determine which teams will achieve the biggest surprises. You should not even think of making a choice without seeing what their model has to say.

What they discovered: The No. 8 seed UCV falls in the first round of the No. 9 seed UCF. The Knights perform this game unequivocally in more than 60% of the simulations, making it one of the very confident computer choices for the March 2019 madness of the computer.

The UCF received its first-ever bid and won the highest ranking in its history at the NCAA Tournament this season. The Knights finished 13-5 in conference play and form a veteran team led by very talented men. The dynamic duo of B.J. Taylor and Aubrey Dawkins of the UCF accumulates more than 31 points per game, and they will rely a lot on them to get angry against VCU.

Knights also have a distinct advantage in the interior. Tacko Fall is an imposing 7-foot-6, 310-pound senior who is a major imbalance for opposing defenders. His presence in the painting forces his opponents to take pictures with a small percentage. He is a slot machine and participates in the NCAA 2019 tournament with an average of 2.5 blocks per game. He is also an offensive threat to the Knights, shooting more than 75% of the field and recording three doubles doubles in his last six games. Support UCF confidently to upset VCU and start the support of your NCAA 2019 tournament.

Another big curve: LSU, the third seed, loses in the first round in favor of the 14th at Yale. U.S. Will Wade head coach is suspended and distractions surround his schedule. Along with a match against a starving Florida program, the absence of Wade resulted in the rebound of the SEC's regular season champions in their first game of the conference tournament.

Yale will not be a fun party for LSU. The Bulldogs just added 97 points to Harvard in the Ivy League Tournament title match. It was the revenge of two regular season defeats that led Harvard to steal the league at Yale while the Bulldogs had been the best team throughout the season. Yale won against Cal and Miami and will not be intimidated by LSU.

Look for Miye Oni and Alex Copeland to relentlessly attack LSU as big guards able to handle basketball, shoot efficiently and finish on the edge. Andrew Nembhard of Florida is a similar guard and had 20 points, six assists and four rebounds against LSU in the SEC tournament. This is one of the main reasons why the model chooses the Bulldogs to win one of the biggest annoyances of the madness of March 2019.

The SportsLine model also has a region where you have to choose seeds # 11, # 12 and # 13, and another region with # 3 seed in the Final Four. Nailing these spikes could literally make or break your support.

So, what is the optimal support for the NCAA 2019 tournament? And what outsiders shock college basketball? Now head over to SportsLine to see which seed 3 would rank in the Final Four and see which region to choose the 11, 12 and 13 seeds, all from the model that nailed 12 of the 18 double digit seeds, which were right years.

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