Google's leaked game controller looks super uncomfortable


A controller for Google's new gaming platform fled in front of its big-name developer GDC 2019, displaying a rather un-ergonomic device that would bother your hands.


Google is ready to reveal its new gaming platform at GDC 2019, which may include a game console to complete its Project Stream Game Streaming Service. The controller part of this platform apparently leaked, as a result of a recently published patent, revealing what appears to be a joystick that will work on multiple devices and platforms.


This controller could integrate with Google's new game plans in many ways, even if it does not suit you.

The company could launch an inexpensive Ouya-like decoder that connects to TVs and plays mobile games, selects AA titles, and serves as the primary channel for the Cloud Stream Streaming subscription. The controller can also establish a wireless interface with existing desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets to play Google Play or Project Stream games in a browser via Google Chrome.

The controller must also work natively with Google Chrome for browsing, shopping, and searching.

The controller has a microphone button without a headset for easy searching in Google or in-game communication, and offers all the main buttons that console players expect; two analog sticks, a directional pad, four front buttons, a main button and a select button, and four triggers.

It should support wireless Bluetooth connectivity and even connect to a Wi-Fi network for mic searches. The controller should also turn on in a certain way – the patent contains many LEDs that respond to in-game notifications, such as invitations to games, chat requests, and messages.

Google's new gaming platform is expected to provide an enhanced and more consistent ecosystem of services, combining Google Play and Project Stream, with community features, interactive content, and engaging engagement-based activity. . similar to Microsoft's Xbox LIVE. This platform will likely be monetized accordingly with in-game purchases via Google Play games, as well as ads and subscriptions to Project Stream (once it's ready for a global launch).

Google will unveil this exciting new platform at its GDC event at 4 pm Eastern Time on March 19, 2019.


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