GOP Representative: I personally apologized to Cohen for "referring his private family to the public square"

GOP Rep. Matt GaetzMatthew (Matt) GaetzCohen asks the Trump Florida Bar Association to investigate Matt Gaetz for threatening Michael Cohen, Bush's former chief of ethics: GOP lawmaker "should be arrested" for alteration of witness PLUS (Florida) stated that he had "personally apologized" to Michael Cohen for a tweet stating allegations of tampering with witnesses.

Gaetz said in a tweet Wednesday night following the testimony of the US Congress of President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says that Kim is not responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier: "I will take it at the word" Trump: I "believe" Kim's promise not to resume nuclear testing, Trump explodes on Cohen, but "impressed" with complicit commentsThe former lawyer stated that Cohen's family was to be "banned".

"I personally apologized for [Michael Cohen] 4 referring to his private family in the public square, "tweeted Gaetz. "Regardless of disagreements, family members should be protected from attacks by representatives, senators and presidents, including myself."

"Let the Cohen family alone."

Gaetz has unleashed a violent reaction and judicial inquiry in Florida for a tweet suppressed since, attacking Cohen before his hearing.

"Hey @ MichaelCohen212 – Are your wife and stepfather aware of your friends?" Gaetz had tweeted at the time. "Maybe tonight would be a good time for this cat. I wonder if she will remain faithful when you are in prison. She is about to learn a lot …

A number of Democratic lawmakers have asked for an ethical inquiry into Gaetz's tweet. The lawmaker, a close ally of Trump, first defended his remarks, claiming that he was a witness "trying" to test, not falsifying.

Gaetz apologized publicly earlier Wednesday, saying it was "NOT my intention to threaten [Cohen]as some believe.

The Florida Bar confirmed Wednesday that he had opened an investigation to determine whether his lawyer, Gaetz, violated the rules of ethics with his tweet.

Gaetz's latest tweet was published a few hours after the end of Cohen's first day of public testimony before congressional committees, during which the former attorney made several explosive statements about Trump's behavior in his functions.

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