GOP representative Matt Gaetz said he "personally apologized" to Michael Cohen for his business tweet.


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By Dennis Romero

Representative Matt Gaetz said Wednesday that he had "personally apologized" to Michael Cohen after suggesting that the former president's lawyer was engaged in extramarital affairs.

"I personally apologized to @ MichaelCohen212 4 for referring to his private family in the public square," said the Florida Republican. said by Twitter. "Regardless of disagreements, family members should be excluded from attacks …"

Gaetz published what appeared to be a threat to reveal rude allegations before Cohen's public testimony Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee.

"Is your wife and stepfather aware of your friends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for this cat, and I wonder if she will stay faithful when you're in jail. point to learn a lot …. "Gaetz wrote Tuesday on Twitter.

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