Guilty Gear Strive online lobbies improvements detailed in the new trailer, the story mode to be a view-only experience with no matches played

A new trailer showcasing the upcoming game modes for Guilty Gear Strive has been released on the internet as Arc System Works continues to stimulate the community for a new chapter of Guilty Gear action.

Arcade, Story, Training, Versus and other modes are detailed, but we were especially pleased to see improvements made to the previously tumultuous online lobby system.

The developers point out the different ways players can start exploring Strive based on their personal preferences. Those hoping to start honing their skills and get ready for competitive play immediately can access training or tutorial modes that put users directly into situations they will find themselves in during actual matches.

While there was some confusion during Strive’s online lobby beta testing in the middle of last year, it looks like the ArcSys team has been working to improve things and make the processes more palatable. Players can wait in Practice Mode to bond with an opponent and will face enemies of the appropriate skill level.

ArcSys takes an interesting approach to story mode because it appears to be a view-only experience. While traditional fighting game modes of this type almost always take breaks in storytelling for users to play occasional turns (often with special stipulations or handicaps), it seems that this type of action is limited to the Arcade mode.

We actually have a bit more information on these modes thanks to the textual explanations that appeared on the Guilty Gear Strive website about two weeks ago, so be sure to check them out for more details after watching this. most recent trailer.

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