Harry Styles in an opposite direction

“We loved being part of the group.”

Being in a group is like being in a relationship: it is a balance between different personalities and can easily break down without healthy communication. Harry Styles, however, is fortunate enough to come from a functional one, and would like people to stop speculating otherwise.

The One Direction member – now a solo artist – lamented how, despite all this time, there are people who “pit [them] One against the other.”

“I think there is a custom of pitting people against each other,” he recently told Variety. “And I don’t think it has ever been the case for us. This is a next step in evolution.”

For Harry and the rest of One Direction, they see their solo careers as a sign of a in good health band dynamics. “The fact that we all did different things outside of the band says a lot about how we worked on it,” he explained, adding, “When you look at the story of people coming out of bands and starting a solo career, they feel that need to apologize for being in the band … We loved being in the band. “

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Harry had “learned so much” in 1D, he wouldn’t have become the beloved songwriter he is today. “When we were in the group, I tried to write with as many different people as I could,” he says. “I wanted to practice – and wrote a lot of bad shit.”

Consider this one more reason to love 1D.

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