Has an Overwatch Nintendo Switch case just sank Overwatch for Switch?


The Blizzard Hero Shooter Overwatch can come to Nintendo Switch.

On Monday, the PowerA accessories manufacturer briefly listed a carrying case for the switch via Amazon Overwatch theme. The black and orange case had the Overwatch logo, and the accessory indicated that he was "officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment". The product list was quickly removed from Amazon after being posted on Twitter and on the Resetera video game forum.

Blizzard has not officially announced a port of Overwatch for Switch, but it certainly would not be out of the question. The company brought the Diablo 3 Eternal collection pass in 2018, and Overwatch The game's director, Jeff Kaplan, has raised the possibility of a Switch port in 2017, with an optimistic tone, but calling for the shooter's adaptation to the "difficult" notebook.

"I love the Switch!" Said Kaplan at the Reddit AMA session. "My second favorite gaming platform of all time is 3DS. Get[[[[Overwatch]on the switch is very difficult for us. But we are always open to explore the possible platforms. "

With rumors of an upcoming presentation on Nintendo Direct and the upcoming 2019 BlizzCon, we'll soon know if this is a strange coincidence.

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