‘Help us please’; Family organizes search for missing Newport News woman Ty’Nesha Taylor


NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia – Saturday marks 24 days since a Newport News family saw their loved one, Ty’Nesha Taylor.

While police said detectives were looking for the 30-year-old mother, the family said more needs to be done to locate her.

“I just need help. I need answers. Please help us,” Francine Bragg said. “We’ve been looking there for weeks.”

Francine Bragg has said her daughter Ty’Nesha Taylor has been missing since September 1, 2021.

“We immediately called the police. We told them she had a mental illness, we had already struggled with a hospital system that let her out, on several occasions,” said sister, Paquita Edmonds.

Her family said Taylor was living with bipolar schizophrenia and they had tried to give her the help she needed, but they said the system had failed. They don’t think she should have been released from the hospital due to her declining health.

Taylor was last seen near her mother’s house in the Christopher Newport area. It was there that an army of his relatives gathered on Saturday morning for, once again, another search team.

They hiked the trails near J Clyde Morris Blvd. and Warwick Blvd., looking into bushes and woodlands. Their eyes were open for any clue that Taylor had been nearby. During their trip, they placed “missing person” leaflets on lampposts and windshields and also handed them to passers-by.

Their hope is that someone, somewhere, will know something.

“She was last seen here at my mother’s house in the Christopher Newport area. She usually followed from my mother’s house to her father’s area and then to the Menchville Housing area,” he said. said Edmonds. “Pretty much from J Clyde, that’s what we focus on, but you never know. It’s like my sister just disappeared.”

Taylor’s family said if you see her, or anyone who looks like her, stay away and instead take a picture and call local authorities. Edmonds can also be reached at 757-567-8931. Taylor was last seen wearing black sweatpants and a black top with a white stripe on the sleeve, holding a black backpack.

As friends showed up with placards in hand and matching t-shirts, Edmonds said they wanted authorities to do more.

“There is never any coverage on people belonging to minorities who are missing, who are injured, who are lost. The system has to change. We are as important as anyone else,” a- she declared. “We need some kind of alarm system that would cover disabled people like my sister, whether they are physically or mentally disabled. It’s not fair to our family. We don’t want to. let another Ty’Nesha Taylor be there. “

They said they would search every day until Taylor came home.

Newport News Police released a missing persons report on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. They said, “There is no reason to believe that she is in danger.”

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