Her video on Allegedly Viral, Police in Medan is stopped


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A man in police uniform holding a bottle of used mineral water and two straws that allegedly took methamphetamine.

The video has been widely spread on Facebook since Tuesday (21/08/2018).

However, we do not know when the video was taken.

Tribun-Video.com launches Tribun-Medan.com, Medan Polrestabes is investigating the video.

Apparently, the author was a member of the police station of the provost of Medan Helvetia.

According to information provided by the Medan Kapolrestabes, Comad Dadang Hartanto, for his part, had arrested the policeman.

According to Dadang's statements, if the initials HL were incorporated into a narcotics network, the meals would be returned.

"We will always see and examine the people involved – is it just a user or a network of narcotics," said Dadang.

"But we are looking at it and always looking at it first, because all the members involved in the narcotics need to take serious action," he said.

Moreover, on the basis of the statement of the North Sumatra regional police chief, Brigadier General Agus Andrianto, if HL is only an addict or an aggressor, he will be sent to rehabilitation.

"The police should have thought about whether he had committed a deviant act or made hoaxes and he should be able to protect himself from that," Agus said.

Earlier, a member of the Simalungun Police Narcotics Unit, Brigadier Rz (25), was arrested with two young women.

The arrest occurred in his rented neighborhood in the district of Siantar Martoba recently, Saturday (11/08/2018) around 03:00 WIB.

The policeman was caught using drugs.

"The evidence is dirty at 13 grams, he was arrested not alone, there are several people, but I do not know how many people, the chronology is to ask for the drugs," said the police chief of Siantar. , AKBP.

See the video above. (Tribun-Video.com/Eleonora Padmasta EW)

This article was published in the site tribun-medan.com under the title "Police Police Viral Video so-called gray, it is the reaction of the police chief of North Sumatra and Medan Kapolrestabes". .



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