Here are the executive actions Biden will take this week.

Joe bidenJoe BidenDC residents jumped at chance to pay for National Guard meals Joe Biden could bring ‘unity’ – in Middle East, Biden shouldn’t let beating cancer take a back seat to COVID MORE will spend the second week of his presidency in much the same way he spent the first: signing a series of executive actions designed to roll back some of the Trump administration’s policies while implementing his own.

Biden this week will focus on immigration, healthcare, climate and other areas, each day following a designated theme. Here are the things Biden should act on, according to a memo obtained by The Hill.

Monday: ‘Buy American’ day

Biden is expected to sign an executive order that orders agencies to step up requirements to acquire goods and services from U.S. companies and workers.

During the campaign, Biden pledged to make a $ 400 billion investment during his first term in federal purchases of goods made by American workers.

He further pledged to tighten loopholes and waivers that allowed federal agencies to purchase products made abroad and crack down on bogus advertising surrounding products that claimed to be made in the United States.

Former President TrumpDonald Trump NYT: Rep. Perry was instrumental in Trump’s alleged plan to oust the interim Arizona GOP censorious state Republicans McCain, Flake and Ducey Biden and the British Prime Minister discuss the NATO and multilateralism in a PLUS call signed an executive buy-and-hire-order during his first months in office, which aimed to increase domestic wages while limiting the flow of some visa holders.

Tuesday: ‘Equity’ day

Tuesday will see Biden sign a wide range of executive orders related to racial equity.

The president is likely to create a police commission and restore Obama-era rules on the transfer of military-type equipment to local law enforcement. He is also expected to sign a decree ordering the justice ministry to improve detention conditions and begin to eliminate the use of private prisons.

Other executive actions slated for Tuesday include a memorandum ordering agencies to step up engagement with Native American tribes, a memo directing the Department of Housing and Urban Development to promote housing equality, and an ordinance rejecting the discrimination against the Native American and Pacific Islander community.

The latter problem came to the fore early in the coronavirus pandemic, when Asian Americans said they were harassed because the virus originated in China.

Some of the executive actions Biden is likely to take on Tuesday are still being finalized and could include further action regarding immigration and rescinding the ban on transgender troops serving in the military.

A memo providing for the expected actions of Biden in his first few weeks in office also included interim measures on voting rights and sentencing measures at the Justice Department.

Wednesday: ‘Climate’ day

Biden will announce on Wednesday his intention to hold a US-hosted leadership summit on Earth Day as one of several actions to address the climate crisis.

A memo outlining the impending orders also signals that Biden will sign an executive order that will initiate a series of regulatory measures to “tackle climate change at the national level and elevate climate change as a national security priority”, although he does offer no further details.

The omnibus ordinance will also reinstate the Presidential Council of Science and Technology Advisors, as well as a memorandum urging agencies to make decisions based on available science and evidence.

Biden on his first day in office re-committed the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement and signed an executive order revoking a key permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and halting oil and gas leasing at a wildlife sanctuary in Alaska.

Thursday: ‘Health’ day

Biden will take the much-anticipated action on Thursday from pro-choice supporters of rescinding the so-called Mexico City policy, which bans the use of U.S. funding for foreign organizations that provide or promote abortions.

The policy, described as a “global gag rule” by reproductive health advocates, was first instituted by then-Reagan President, and has been repeatedly rescinded by Democratic presidents and reinstated by Republican presidents in the years that followed.

Biden will also order a review of the Trump administration’s controversial changes to the Title X family planning program, which required family planning providers participating in the program to stop providing or promoting abortions in order to remain eligible for funding.

The president is also expected to sign an executive order to strengthen Medicaid and launch an open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act.

Trump has frequently bragged about gutting the affordable care law by quashing the individual mandate, although Republicans have not been able to repeal the law completely as promised.

Friday: ‘Immigration’ day

Biden will build on some of the immigration-related actions he took on his first day in office with a few more executive orders to be signed on Friday.

The president, according to the memo obtained by The Hill, is likely to sign an order related to regional migration and border processing that will overturn the Trump administration’s policies around the asylum system and lead the creation of strategies for s ” tackle the root causes of migration from Central America. .

Biden will also sign an order establishing a task force to reunite migrant families separated under the Trump administration. Biden himself was criticized in the Democratic primaries for the Obama administration’s deportation policies, but the Trump administration implemented an official zero-tolerance policy that led to the separation of thousands of migrant families .

The president will also sign an order ordering an immediate review of the public charge rule “and other actions to remove barriers and restore confidence in the legal immigration system, including improving the naturalization process”.

A fourth ordinance, establishing principles to guide the implementation of the refugee admission program, is tentatively scheduled for Friday but could be dropped or changed, according to the memo.

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