Here's how long it takes to recover a swallowed Lego: study


These may not be the hardest scientific questions, but researchers have figured out how long it would take for a swallowed Lego to reappear in the toilet bowl. Figure 1.71 days. It was the average time for six brave volunteers who swallowed a Lego's head, then conscientiously watched their bowel movements. Forbes. Yes, this is a real study, the one that appeared in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health. But no, even the researchers themselves do not take it too seriously, calling it "a little fun to approach Christmas" in a related blog post. Another proof of this feeling is found in the study itself, which uses a hardness score and transit stool, as well as a time score found and recovered. It's all about acronyms.

Yet six people made Ingest Lego's heads and keep an eye on things, leading to the findings of the study: "A toy object quickly passes through uncomplicated adult subjects.This will reassure parents the child's feces to prove the recovery of an object. "But perhaps the most remarkable result is that, as reported by Gizmodo, one of the six has never found Lego's head. Has the person missed it? Is he still there somewhere? The researchers – all pediatric health professionals who also served as Lego-eating volunteers – have no idea, but they do not seem worried. "Maybe someday, in many years, a gastroenterologist practicing a colonoscopy will find him in front of him," they write. (If you have already stepped on a Lego, you can tell the feat of this man.)

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