How Dean Ambrose responds, "What's next for Dean Ambrose?"


At the end of a video published before the last chapter of WWE's special network, The Shield's, Michael Cole asked Dean Ambrose to tell him what he would do after leaving the company when his contract expires at the end. of the month.

Ambrose does not let him finish the question and does not shed much light on it. His answer corresponds to what we know about his character on the screen and the artist himself. It may be kayfabe, but nothing is "real".

Take a look at it (around 14 minutes from the video and transcribe below) and decide for yourself:

"Let me stop right now, because I already know what your last question is, okay? And I do not appreciate that people put words in my mouth, or those who try to tell the story of my life to fit their story, okay?

Eight years ago, I entered this casino. And now, I get my chips and I move away from the table. I've won the game. And what I do with the rest of my life from now on is my business. I do not answer anyone. This time the million dollar man did not get what he wanted. Because I can not be bought.

So, if you'll excuse us, it's time for us to do what we remember The Shield for, and it's serious. "

Believe it?

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