How do I feel about my Tsundere viral video? (Answer your questions!)

Thank you to all those who asked me questions! Sorry for those I do not have, I will now answer your questions on Twitter.

I can do another one in the distant future but I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope to see some of you at AX!

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  1. Dude, I swear I've seen you in a bangbros video.

  2. 'I have never watched a good Mecha' Wtf about code geass ,Gundam , neon genesis evangeleon and a lot more

  3. Here are some of the best anime in my opinion:Rezero,Rewrite,Charlotte,Rosario vampire,Trinity seven,Kämpfer,Acchi Kocchi Infinity stratos,Date A Live,Saijaku muhai no bahamut,Shomin sample,Absolute duo,Highschool DxD,Highschool of the dead,Tokyo ghoul,Attack on titan,Madan No Ou

  4. Gigguks “fuck that shit” was a nice touch

  5. Thought she said gayboy anime
    I was offended for naruto

  6. Sydney is nr 1 waifu. Make an ecchi pls. ??????

  7. Haven’t watched a good mecha? CODE GEASS????

  8. Dammit, Chuck! You stole my question :p

  9. "I'm not a tsundere at all" He's not being true to his feelings, classic tsundere trope

  10. 7:32… Thank you. I was wondering why people like it. It seemed interesting at first then it just became slow. I didn't get why things are happening on some of the time except things are happening because magic that's why

  11. You don't like mecha animes? Except Darling in the Franxx, right? … RIGHT??!! Lol.

  12. I always thought gigguk’s name was Callum for some reason

  13. "Drink alot." Bitch not enough!

  14. I am the ultimate waifu begone coon >:(

  15. "So here is the test. You go up to a girl. You go up to any girl. And you ask her:

    'Hey Gurl! Are a Tsundere?' Now, she is gonna say either one of two things, okay? 'Yes' or 'No'. Now if she says 'Yes', then she just admitted to you that she is a Tsundere. You know pretty obvious. Okay, we will get that out of the way. Now if she says 'No'; then, OBVIOUSLY she is not being true to her feelings.


    And She's a FUCKING TSUNDERE. See what did I tell you? Wha-What did I say? 100% of the time."

    Just leaving this here.


  17. Oh shit. You were at ACen 2014? Man. I would have liked to meet ya cuz i went there too! Was also at the PodTaku panel.

  18. I can just guess how many thirsty kids are gonna be in the comments just saying "tits" or some shit. I would like to apologise on their behalf

  19. You are absolutely waifu

  20. I want Sydsnap to step on me!

  21. Though this video is distracting but still I am going to watch it 😛

  22. Tokyo Ghoul is incredible yo… you hurt my feelings QQ

  23. Golden Time slice of life? Sure it has that element, but it is primarily romance and drama…

  24. Those tits would look better in my mouth

  25. I actually found you through that Tsundere video, I guess that's one good thing :333