How do I feel about my Tsundere viral video? (Answer your questions!)


Thank you to all those who asked me questions! Sorry for those I do not have, I will now answer your questions on Twitter.

I can do another one in the distant future but I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope to see some of you at AX!

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40 thoughts on “How do I feel about my Tsundere viral video? (Answer your questions!)”

  1. Here are some of the best anime in my opinion:Rezero,Rewrite,Charlotte,Rosario vampire,Trinity seven,Kämpfer,Acchi Kocchi Infinity stratos,Date A Live,Saijaku muhai no bahamut,Shomin sample,Absolute duo,Highschool DxD,Highschool of the dead,Tokyo ghoul,Attack on titan,Madan No Ou

  2. 7:32… Thank you. I was wondering why people like it. It seemed interesting at first then it just became slow. I didn't get why things are happening on some of the time except things are happening because magic that's why

  3. "So here is the test. You go up to a girl. You go up to any girl. And you ask her:

    'Hey Gurl! Are a Tsundere?' Now, she is gonna say either one of two things, okay? 'Yes' or 'No'. Now if she says 'Yes', then she just admitted to you that she is a Tsundere. You know pretty obvious. Okay, we will get that out of the way. Now if she says 'No'; then, OBVIOUSLY she is not being true to her feelings.


    And She's a FUCKING TSUNDERE. See what did I tell you? Wha-What did I say? 100% of the time."

    Just leaving this here.

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