How much did I shoot from a viral video – 13,000,000 views


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I show you exactly how much I've done from a viral video with 13,000,000 views.

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28 thoughts on “How much did I shoot from a viral video – 13,000,000 views”

  1. The people who run YouTube are a bunch of pussies who buckle at the first sign of a corporate sponsorship leaving
    I swear if someone could make a more reliable version by someone else I will stop using YouTube immediatley

  2. In a nutshell "They" are afraid of folks that wish to impart knowledge on the masses. To have the skill and craft to take a seemingly useless item and give it a whole new life is an awesome thing. "They' are threatened by anyone that has REAL talent outside of the pre planned agenda and consumerism format that is FORCE fed to the youth of today by the bigger Youtuber figures. Ever wonder why they took home ec. and shop class out of most public schools? True imagination and creativity threatens people who wish to push the scales in the opposite direction. You sir please keep doing your videos. DO NOT give in to these pricks. Hope this makes sense.

  3. Thank you for your videos, obviously the libs only use wax-paper straws, knives, and spoons. It's a shame YouTube is taking advantage of your talent. We, normal people, need a different platform like YouTube that allows videos like yours and don't punish while being monetarily rewarded and steal it from content makers like you.

  4. Whoever manages YouTube can go to hell

    Also part of the reason that you’re money per view is down so low could be because a significant portion of your audience(might) use ad block so while the view count goes up the money made doesn’t increase proportionately.

  5. I'm glad you made this video. I was going to make one as well. On my biggest video 1.5 million views I have made $402, about .26 cents per 1000 views. The main thing that I noticed that sucks and you should check is in the creators app. It will say for example 200K vieiws, then when you check the revenue tab it will say Monetized views 19K ! I'm getting less than 10% of my views monetized. It's been like that for the last year and a half. I would love to know that stat for you. Talking to anothor youtube friend with over 100k they checked that stat and it was like 93% monetized views. Their channel is non weapon related and getting almost all views monetized. Either all our videos are being watched by kids with adblock or youtube is screwing us lol.

  6. They have definitely choked you RPM back. I have a small channel and most of my vids get around a thousand views. I do have a dozen or so that have surpassed 1 million, but that’s a dozen out of 1100 videos. My RPM (rate per thousand views) is over 2 bucks. I don’t focus on making knives, in fact my channel is somewhat eclectic. I have made about thirty knife videos which don’t seem to be affected by demonetization. I have also made some homemade shotgun video that were not only demonetized but placed in a category called dangerous and age restricted. Since I depend,to a great deal on my YouTube income, I’ve since removed the videos that they seem to hate the most. I hate to be a pushover, but I’m permanently disabled and as I said, I depend on that Adsense check unfortunately.

  7. That definitely sucks man but I'm curious like others as to what you make off the paid promotions? I do agree tho, after that many views I'd think you'd make more. Just so i'm clear tho, that's roughly 2 grand over 9 months, right? Not 2 grand at one particular time. If I"m wrong about that please correct. Looking forward to next weeks video, thanks man!!

  8. I dont know bro, 2600 seems like a good pay for making a knife, if only you got that for all of them.
    And if you dont mind me asking, how much can you make for those payed promotions in comparison to the yt fee? are they worth it?

    Anyways, the BS (Blacksmithing) are always nice , keep it up.

  9. What a shit amount of money for that many views. That is criminal right there! That algorithm is rubbish. Also, Youtube pandering to the big businesses is rubbish. Youtube was made for the people. Google have twisted that meaning. They can have a hearty fuck off from me!

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