I went to Brussels, Belgium to meet a lot of great women and think about creativity. The episode two of the Five to Nine. Watch the series up here here:

Thanks to the European Commission for bringing me to # EDD18 #WeForShe
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"In the particular is contained the universal."
– James Joyce

The film I mentioned:

Traveling is fun, the keywords are great.
Writing sentences for SEO is almost my destiny.
Brexit is bad, but everything will be fine.
Europe, feminism, women
Do all the words I need to say?


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44 thoughts on “HOW {NOT} DOING A VIRAL VIDEO”

  1. This was a heavy one, in a good way. I watch a lot of channels here on youtube and consume a lot of content, but very little of it, is interesting and thought provoking in a way a lot of your videos are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world so eloquently ?

  2. Hey Leena, I think we need to keep in mind that the report presented at that event was done in cooperation with Uber (I linked it below) which at the very least makes it less trustworthy. Uber is a company that dedicates enormous amounts of money for their marketing activities, and these are supposed to make us forget all the disgusting things the company is doing. Last year there were scandals connected to the sexism inside Uber so it's absolutely in their interest to produce materials that show how great they are for women. At the same time Uber is generally terrible for workers and they focus a lot of their money and energy on preventing drivers from organizing and demanding the rights at work they deserve.

    And in terms of women and Uber (as well as other companies of the so-called gig economy) – gig economy is part of the wider trends of flexibilisation of labour markets and growing precarity – this (as usual) is impacting women more and in a generally negative way. I don't think the fact that women work for Uber is something that should be celebrated – instead we should take a close look at why people even need to work these highly precarious jobs and why women traditionally have a hard time getting into full-time secure employment.

    I really do admire your enthusiasm, among other things for women's rights and I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't think you'd actually be interested in looking at this whole issue through a critical lense. And when it comes to rights at work I really do believe this is key, since economic rights are essential parts of the fight for equality.

  3. I'm all about this! I feel like this is also a really good commentary on the Lionel Shriver shit that went down – diversity doesn't mean exclusivity, it means that more people will be able to relate to a higher amount of stories and find meaning in them regardless of specific life situation.

  4. What a gorgeous video! And you're absolutely right. There's no better way to be honest and show the truth than by sharing your own story, and letting people see the truth in it.

  5. I loved this so much. Thank you so much. It inspired me a lot, to create more, without thinking "Is this a waste of time?" I don't know, I'm feeling so encouraged right now, thanks again for making and sharing this video.

  6. Ooh … you remind me of two very specific things that I nonetheless found hugely relatable. One being the work of Richard Hawley, who writes songs very much based in his Sheffield (very much not my Leamington Spa or Bristol, say) and yet which are all the more universal for being so specific, and the other being Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich – I've never done time in a gulag but the connection I felt with people, work, life within an institution or society at general was immense.

  7. Your videos like a breath of fresh air on here. Particularly because I absolutely love listening to you share your view and insight on so many important things, from things as big and popular as Brexit and islamophobia (both so close to my heart as a British Muslim) to the things felt so deep within us and thought so quietly in our minds. I find myself constantly thinking “wow I never would have ever thought of insert topic of your video like that that’s so interesting” whenever I watch your videos. Wish you all the best!

  8. Great video! You make me want to create particular art in the 5 to 9. 😉 The way you articulate these insights is wonderful and it makes me itch to write/create art around my own insights. Love it. 🙂

  9. I love this! It's very encouraging and much needed – I've been thinking a lot about my own YouTube-ing recently, and how 'unsuccessful' I've been, and why I'm doing it. Ultimately I just enjoy it, and I'm lucky enough to have a few others who enjoy it too, and that's enough, and valid in itself.

  10. What you said about stories not having to have a self-help angle to be relevant and important to hear really struck a chord with me. I've been struggling with the idea of self-growth as an end to itself, as the purpose of life – which a lot of people advocate for, for good reasons mostly. But I find that that perspective is incredibly limiting and destructive for the greater collective… It's been on my mind a lot lately.
    Also, I lived in Brussels for like 10 years so it was nice to see the city through your lens 🙂

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