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How to get the most money for your phone when you sell or exchange it


More money is better than less when you trade or resell your phone.

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Phones are like cars – their value drops as soon as you start using them. Namely, the Galaxy S10 depreciated 50% in 30 days, according to a report. This is alarming because the phone is Samsung's latest flagship model and you can usually resell a device that's several months old for much of what you originally paid for.

Whether you are reselling a phone or exchanging it to buy a new one, the same goal applies: how to get the most out of your device to get the most money or the greatest value exchange possible.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix here. The best way to maintain the commercial value of a phone is to keep it in optimal condition. Here is what you need to look for.

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Cracks like this will cost you hundreds of dollars.

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Whatever you do, do not skip the case

Yes, it's ugly. Yes, you need it: You probably have already used a holster to prevent the delicate glass screen of your phone and the back from breaking. We know, we know, it's wasting the call of a particularly beautiful gradient or colorbut if you want to keep your phone flawless when you sell it, you have a choice.

Smart tip: Buy the case before you start using your phone. Phones can fall and break a few minutes after coming out of the box.

What to look for: Full coverage all around, and a kind of ascent – even small – between the screen and the edge of the case.

Purchase a screen protector. Now

Why you need itScreen protectors are sacrificial screens that you superimpose above the original screen of the phone. Buy one glass and not plastic. There are many in your store and online. A good screen can cost you a lot, but a $ 30 screen protector is worth it if it helps you accumulate hundreds of dollars more for your phone when selling it or selling it. 39; trading.

Keep a reserve: Screen protectors can break when you drop the phone – that is what they serve. It's not a bad idea to keep a spare reserve in case of breakage, so avoid any flaws in protection if you have to change it. If you do not need one and sell your phone in the open market, you can include the screen protector in the price.

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Do not drop the box!

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Keep the box and all the parts

Really!: Operators will prefer to have your original charger, but might not care about the box when you exchange a phone. But if you sell the phone via Craigslist or Swappa, your buyer will. Reboxing the phone back to its original state – or as close as you can get – will make your device more attractive, which will translate into more money.

What about the case? You can sell that too.

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Nobody wants to buy your gunky phone.

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Clean your phone before selling it – the right way

Cleanliness, it is moneyNote: This is important whether you are selling your phone to a stranger, through a third party reseller such as Gazelle, or to the supplier or manufacturer. You will get more for a phone that looks new and works like a crisp handset that simply limped.

Since you will not be paid until the buyer has inspected your device, you will not be able to get the asking price if the used phone does not meet expectations. Clean your phone properly before sending it is well worth the effort.

What about parts? Wipe the box and case with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. Nobody buys your filth.

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Repairing a cracked screen might be worth it

Work maths: You may end up with more money in your pocket if you repair a broken phone (eg via U Break I Fix or Apple Stores) before trying to sell it to a third-party reseller or dealer. exchange with a dealer.

Why even disturb? Broken phones still retain some value as they can be refurbished or recovered for their parts to be recycled or repaired by other phones for resale.

How to sayGo to a third-party reseller site or your carrier's take-over site to see how much they feel the value of your screen phone cracked or damaged by water, compared to that of a phone without pity. Then compare that to the cost of a repair. If the difference is sufficient (for example, if your phone is relatively new or in high demand), it may be worth it.

What else do I need to know?

In any case, you will have to back up your phone and restore factory settings before putting it back. This will help protect your identity and ensure you keep all the photos and other data you need to switch to a new device. There is a lot more information here about reselling a phoneincluding some suggestions for third party resellers and how to compare prices in order to get the most money possible.

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