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Apex Legends was released on February 4th and there are still players around Kings Canyon looking for their first win. We have therefore thought of creating a simple guide to help you achieve this.

There are a number of tips that can be very useful in Apex Legends – ranging from everything to running, awareness, filming and more.

It's enough to master the basics before stretching too far. After all, you're not going to read a guide and suddenly become as good as to wrap upbut we can certainly put you on the right path.

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We will give you some tips to make sure you have the basics.

Five best tips

So let's start with some simple gestures to improve your style of play.

  1. Land together: The landing system in Apex Legends allows three teammates to stay united in the sky and on the ground. Players must stay close enough to each other, but slightly apart to allow each player to have enough booty at the beginning to be competitive. Nobody likes to run without a weapon and this can be avoided very easily.
  2. Movement is the key: There is nothing easier than eliminating a player who remains motionless. Look at all the best players in the royal battle, they are always moving. Use the movement to your advantage, get around the enemies when you spot them and give yourself the best possible chance of getting an elimination.
  3. captions: You will always play in a team of three people and communication is a key element of a successful team. If you can see a player or if someone approaches you, give your teammates precise coordinates and instructions. "It's over there" will not be very helpful, but indicating a key location or function near the map could help them come faster to help them. It's so important to have everyone on the same page.
  4. Take shootings: You will not improve in Apex Legends by hiding your enemies, camping and heading to the final stages of a game. Fight the players and start strengthening your tactical awareness.
  5. Pillage the enemies for all that they have: Players will pass through Kings Canyon. When you get an elimination, make sure to loot everything. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the best weapons, equipment and shields needed. Do not waste shield cells to repair your own armor, but choose something else instead.

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Gibraltar, one of the characters of Apex Legends.

Play with different legends

While these tips take you on the right path, it's mostly about trusting yourself and knowing how you want to play – as a team. This is not about individuals.

Begin to familiarize yourself with the different legends of the game, as they all have different abilities that could give you the edge you need to win a victory. If you do not know how to use an ability and another player knows it, it gives them an instant advantage.

Our Complete Guide for Apex Legends Characters and their abilities could be very useful for that.

Get to know the best weapons

Apex Legends offers a wide selection of firearms and equipment, many of which are in our complete guide to weaponsbut do not worry … we will give you a complete overview of the best.

The following Three weapons would be good starting weapons to choose from.

  • Blue helmet: While Dr. Disrespect might disagree, this shotgun is without a doubt one of the best weapons to start. It's very powerful and it's very common to find – just about anything you want. Tries.
  • Flatline: This pistol is a mid-range right-hand shotgun with virtually no recoil and its use can be amazing, especially for beginners. His clip contains only 20 balls, which can be extended with an attachment, but that's the only drawback. Other than that, it's a well-rounded weapon and is very effective when you tap with it.
  • EVA-8 Auto: Another shotgun, but this type of weapon is ideal for new players who must engage directly in armed fights. It has a better shooting rate than the Peacekeeper and is definitely worth trying in Apex Legends.

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The Peacekeeper is one of the most effective rifles in Apex Legends.

Once you have found the best weapons for your way of playing, you will have a great chance to play later and later. That's all you need in royal battle: a chance.

By following the practical tips we gave you here and spending a little time familiarizing you with each of the characters, weapons and equipment, you'll be much better equipped to be named champion for the first time in Apex Legends.

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