How to make a viral video as a small channel


How does a small channel make a viral video? In this video, we see how a 350-sub channel receives a video of 100k + views. SUBSCRIBE NOW:

The viral video of the hero:

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28 thoughts on “How to make a viral video as a small channel”

  1. Do videos of very bad game playing get many views? In particularly red dead redemption. I love the game and can’t wait for the new one. Would love to share my bad online gaming with the masses lol

  2. Personally speaking I can't somehow authorize my channel and therefore use the exclusive functions you've just shown , I tried authorizing it many times still doesn't work help :<<

  3. I have a few videos from months ago that are now going "semi" viral, getting thousands and tens of thousands of views by themselves, I really think that if you have loads of content and you're constantly improving and growing your channel, you will have MANY VIRAL VIDEOS. Thanks Rob, your VidIQ is spot on, a great tool to build your YouTube channel, my channel is 1000 times better because of YOU! Take a look at my channel sometime when you get the chance and have yourself a wonderful Tuesday morning Rob, hope you slept!!

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