When a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches Thursday at Cape Canaveral, it will ship SpaceIL and the IAI's lunar lander.
SpaceIL / IAI

After a two-month hiatus, the Space Coast is expected to see smoke and fire again on Thursday night when a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explodes at the base at the Cape Canaveral Air Force checkpoint.

At 20:45, the rocket topped by the Indonesian communications spacecraft Nusantara Satu will take off from Launch Complex 40, taking Falcon 9's first mission to another celestial body. The teams have until 9:17 pm to throw.

The secondary payload is a SpaceIL lunar lander and Israel Aerospace Industries named Beresheet, or "early" in Hebrew. It will take about two months to reach the lunar orbit before attempting the landing. There, an instrument will measure the magnetic field of the moon and transmit images to the Earth.

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The first stage of the rocket will attempt a landing on the Of course I still love you drone ship, while SpaceX Mr. Steven It is expected that the ship will catch at least one of the fairing halves of the rocket.

Our coverage consists of three parts:

  • Live video of the launch, available here or on our Facebook page.
  • A live chat with space reporters James Dean and Emre Kelly.
  • Real-time augmented reality launch coverage available in our 321 LAUNCH app (downloadable for iOS here and Android here).

The cover starts at 19:45. Thursday at and feature in-depth coverage, photos, graphics and more. You can ask questions to the team and start a conversation. We will host the live video of SpaceX.

In the center of Florida?

If the sky is clear, you can look on the east coast of the state to spot the launch of the Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral.

If you go out for the launch, bring your smartphone and stay tuned for live updates. The cover is available on in your mobile browser or in the 321 LAUNCH app.

Contact Emre Kelly at [email protected] or 321-242-3715. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on @EmreKelly.

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Download for Android devices here.

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