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  1. I have now seen about five of these, and I have to say… I'm a big proponent of various types and styles of humor… I find a ton of things to be astoundingly hilarious, from simple to complex, from low-brow to high-brow… My life is not by any means devoid of sources of humor… But this is, in all seriousness, without exaggeration, the funniest recurring thing I have ever seen.  I can't watch one of these without losing my breath.  I cannot describe how much I love this.

  2. You're a very funny dude. Just don't overdo it

  3. lol i got an ab work out just laughing at the dude!!!!!!!!
    lol priceless!

  4. I  had to turn down the volume, it's 5am, scaring the neighbors.
    The Bread & Milk is a classic!

  5. U r a riot with this! Ur facial expressions with each one of these is great!