India and Pakistan Armies dance together on Bollywood songs in Russia; Viral Video | ABP News


Indian and Pakistani soldiers participating in the counter-terrorist exercise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization danced together on popular Indian songs Tuesday night.

ABP News has captured the rare sight of rival armies united.

Tuesday night was marked as "Bharatiya Diwas" during SCO exercises held in Russia in Chebarkul. The Indian Army had invited commanders from all other armies.

According to Indian tradition, Chinese and Pakistani commanders were greeted with "tilak" and "arti". Commanders also had to wear turbans.

After that, Indian soldiers presented a cultural show.

In addition to Punjabi titles, popular songs by dancer Sapna Chaudhary were also performed during the ceremony, and all soldiers, including those from Pakistan, danced on tapping tracks.

The Indian contingent commander, Brigadier Vikas Lakhera, said his country would like to have friendly relations with all countries participating in the exercise, including China, Pakistan and Russia.

As part of the counter-terrorist exercise of the Beijing-based Shanghai Cooperation Organization, eight countries participated in the simulation exercise held from August 22nd to 29th.

It aims to expand cooperation among member countries to address the growing threat of terrorism and extremism.

India and Pakistan participate in the exercise for the first time since joining the SCO in June 2017.



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  1. Sidhu ko Pakistani say galay milnay par gali danay walon ki bahen chodon ab to Indian fauj Pakistani fauj kay sath dance bhi kar raha hai aur galay bhi mil raha hai ab Bharti fauj kay sar ki qimat 5 lakh rupiah kion nehi rakhtay tumhari ma ko chodun bhakto.

  2. sidhu sb visited Pakistan, Pakistani people shows him love and respect which means common Pakistani people don't want war, now both countries army dancing together which is sign they also don't want war, then what the fuck is wrong with both GOVT and media why do they spread hate for each other. who wants war its clear now…should i be happy or sad i don't know. but to be honest it was really good to see dancing together hahahaha.

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