18 thoughts on “Innate immunity: immune response of viral pathogens – IMGENEX”

  1. Animated characters/proteins are cute, but distracting. The cast is large, for a short video, and hard to keep track. It would be really helpful if there was some way to denote the types or roles of these proteins (e.g., transcription factors would be all in the same color or wear the same hat). I agree with stirofemotion that showing the actual proteins (structural models) would be desirable.

  2. The TLR subtypes TLR3,TLR7,TLR9 in endosome showed in this video is not in the right sense. It should be upside-down. As the signaling cascade only possible if the terminal of the TLR chains is oust side the endosome… Is it not IMGENEX? Please clarify. Thanks. Other than that the video is really cool and helpful.

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