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  1. Why was the video gone for like 2 weeks?

  2. Shaar ik wari fer buhahahahhhahha pen chod n femiNazi TRIGGERD


  4. I Will report to (PTA) and ban your page in Pakistan. Reason why you use so much abusive language. Tumahre baap ka youtube or Pakistan hae jo chaye marzi kero. I will go for Police too and even mango baaz, and other avoid to use bad words but you are crossing limits. Donkey. abey too khud intna ghanda hae , har baat pay galia tere ghar waley kaise hon gay. may be they dont stop you.

  5. Bhai Ap Ny To In k sath baladkar kr diya…

  6. the old sound you used for censoring bad words was better, this one is so annoying

  7. ڈکی بھائی کمال ویڈیو ہوتی ہے یار آپ کی
    مزہ آجاتا ہے

  8. How this video is still on YT is beyond my comprehension.

  9. ahahahah bhaiii levellll buht aalaaa

  10. Casual misogyny found an outlet in the form of this video. That's a cancerous mentality you've got there dude.

  11. Why did you roasted other musers they are doing what they are best at so you are

  12. Hey ducky main tumhari sub se badi fan hu and I love you??????

  13. Your videos are proper funny I can’t stop laughing

  14. madarchod sher ik vari fir laganay say tera kya matlab hai.. randi deya putra

  15. Yar ducky bhai yar video banaana to acha hai yeh painyakiaan ghalat hain i m saying that if u want to show or try your acting skills musically is a good platform isnt it ?

  16. Tere Choo Tere Choo
    Mera Lan Mera Lan
    Tere Gaa Tere Gaa

  17. Superb broo bilkul thek bola ❤️dearest ho ap humesha correct bat kartay ho janeman

  18. Saala Pakistani maderchod…

  19. Saale chutiye ducky..carryminati ki Copy krna baand krde..wrna Teri gaand maar dunga..saale bhadwe..Pakistani gaandu..

  20. eid sy related logo k karnamay discuss kro

  21. ye big gyi h goverment sare mill k hame chotiyA bnA rhe Maderchod K bhCe

  22. Don't usually comment on any vids but been watching you since day one I really wanna say k pehle to you got feminisn all wrong bro Ye to whi baat ho gai bhei k agar mini skirt pehno Ge to rape hona theek hai ku k agar Ye girls esi Hain to im sure guys aren't that dumb and have the mental capacity to not think all girls are like these girls so they can control themselves, stop justifying rapists. I'm sure this was only for comedy purposes but careful with what you say coz u are a public figure and role model for some of the younger generation

  23. Ducky bhai your humour is great ????

  24. Ducky bhai india na bhi pakistan per roast kiya ha

  25. Ducky bhai please india pa roast kero

  26. Good i fan u after see your videos