It looks like the state champions were right about a meeting of the Jonas Brothers


jonas brothers meeting
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We've talked a lot lately about the Jonas Brothers reunification, and it seems that it's not just rumors.

In January 2018, the JoBros reactivated their Instagram account and caused an instantaneous reaction of the fan. At the time, many thought that the trio would meet, including Fields of state bassist Ryan Scott Graham.

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A few months later, Graham tweeted that, if the JoBros ever came together, the State Fields would happily tour with them. He retweeted his original ticket last week with the comment "Near a year later, so I'm just going to hit him."

The Jonas Brothers announced their separation in 2013, citing tensions between members.

"We are family first and this has always been our main priority … I came to the table with the guys just before we prepared to go on tour, and I shared my heart with them and my feelings, "said Nick Jonas. Hello America. "I said, 'Look, I get the impression that we have complications within the group for a long time, [and] without answering, I think this train will fall off the rails. "

The group then pursues its own career in music and entertainment. Joe Jonas created his own band, DNCE, which created "Cake By The Ocean", a very popular movie. Kevin Jonas was in his own reality TV series. Married to Jonah and Nick became a successful solo artist, releasing two complete albums with titles such as "Jealous" and "Chains".

After months of rumors and speculation, the brothers tweeted this morning that they would release a new single entitled "Sucker", and according to The fader, are rebranding, changing their name to JONAS.

They tweeted a confirmation of their meeting with a video with the Late Late Show's James Corden, in his popular segment "Carpool Karaoke". Nick Jonas says that they keep the secret on fans for seven or eight months.

Assuming the brothers finally go on tour, we hope that State Champ will be included in the training.

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