This month, watch the night sky to see this special full moon.
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Be sure to look up from your phone for a few minutes tonight to see the Strawberry Moon, which will be visible from sunset to sunrise.

Although the moon was officially full earlier this morning, it will still look so great when it gets up tonight in the eastern sky, at about the same time as the sun goes down in the western sky.

The full moon of June called Strawberry mMoon, as it indicated to some Native American tribes that it was the time of harvesting wild strawberries in full ripening, according to the old farmer's almanac.

The strawberry moon is the most colorful of the year, as it takes a small, shallow path into the sky, said Bob Bonadurer, director of the Milwaukee Public Museum's Planetarium.

Strawberry moon (Photo: Chris Litschka, Getty Images / iStockphoto)

The low arc of June's full moon in the sky means that the moonlight has to cross a larger part of the earth's atmosphere, giving it an orange or yellow hue.

For a better view, look while the moon is still low in the horizon, says Judson Jones, meteorologist at CNN. "My favorite moment to watch the full moon rise on the eastern horizon is when the moon is low, it allows you to capture the view with objects in the foreground, giving the moon a larger appearance." said Jones.

The Strawberry Moon is also called Hot Moon because it is the beginning of summer and Rose Moon, Honey Moon and Hay Moon because it is the first harvest time of hay.

More pleasure from the sky :: Jupiter's moons will be visible with binoculars

Another feast for observers tonight is Jupiter, which will shine a thousand lights in the night sky not far from the moon. Jupiter is so brilliant this month because it is as close to Earth as ever. This annual event is officially called "opposition", when Jupiter, Earth and the sun are arranged in a straight line, with the Earth in the middle, according to NASA.

Contributors: Meg Jones, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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