5G, Sergio Mattarella in Sweden visits Ericsson and Open Fiber


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The year Ericsson celebrates 100 years of presence in Italy, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, visited the headquarters of the company in Stockholm. Accompanied by King Charles XVI Gustavo and Queen Silvia, the President of the Republic was welcomed at the Ericsson studio by Ronnie Leten, President of Ericsson, Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Federico Rigoni, CEO of Ericsson in Italy.

This visit was an opportunity to take stock of the history of the company in Italy, during which Ericsson contributed to the large-scale dissemination of fixed and mobile network infrastructures in our country, thus contributing to social change. and cultural. which allowed Italians to communicate in an ever more efficient and modern way.

The President of the Italian Republic has been introduced to 5G technology and its benefits. He has experienced practical applications in the automotive and virtual reality sectors, which are also tested in Italy. During the visit, the initiative made it possible to recall the pioneering role of society in our country "5G for Italy", Launched in 2016 and ongoing trials in the cities of Turin, Rome, Genoa and Livorno and in various places of Tuscany, all this is made possible thanks to the investments and the widespread presence of Ericsson in Italy, Today, there are around 3,000 professionals and 3 research and development centers working on cutting-edge technologies, able to generate more than 600 patents over the last 18 years.

In addition to his visit to Ericsson, the President of the Republic as part of the state visit, he met with a delegation of Open fiber, composed of Simone BonanniniMarketing and Sales Director, e Domenico Angotti, Network Engineering Manager,

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President Mattarella, during statements to the press in Stockholm, stressed the need to: "the collaboration between our countries is developing more in the field of technological progress, the advanced application of new resources that science also allows for entrepreneurial activity".

Open Fiber welcomes the president's wish and facilitates the technological dialogue between the two countries in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed on February 28, 2018, in which the terms and conditions were defined. for launching a strategic industrial partnership with Sweden business, the Swedish public-private organization – which was jointly attended by the government and the consortium of companies Swedish Business Association – created to share experiences and best practices of the FTTH sector and to seize global opportunities to achieve the goals set by the digital strategy in both countries and to give continuity to the digital transformation project.

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