It's late, but North Carolina should now be the focus of attention – The Athletic


CHAPEL HILL, NC – It's hard to defend the interests of North Carolina, the forgotten, the seven banners of national champions hung under the rafters, of the arena named in the honor of a legendary Hall of Fame and Court, and Jordan. The Tar Heels will never arouse the pity of anyone, they will not ask for it either. They are part of the programs for which the term "blue blood" was born, and if you ask them, the referenced blood is, in fact, a very specific shade of blue.

But this year has been a strange year, Tobacco Road being a one-way street to Durham. Zion Williamson, who is taller and more outspoken, has eclipsed the entire sun of college basketball, including North Carolina. If Duke was not victorious, he was in the headlines, Williamson's explosive sole transforming into a Zapruder movie, a referendum on amateurism, and ultimately a will he would see. not a cliffhanger soap opera that directors envy. (And if, God forbid, he …

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