Jalebi Baba Viral Video | Jalebi Baba Haryana Tohana 120 Mms Cd found in Ashram


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Jalebi Baba:
Viral video of Jalebi Baba:
Viral video of Jalebi Baba or Amarpuri or Billu Baba in Haryana,
Phathabad at the temple of Baba Balaknath

Jalebi Baba who shot obscene videos of more than 120 women

Jalebi Baba was raped by opium addicts, many other revelations made during the interrogation –

Jalebi Baba, aka Baba Amarpuri, accused of rape and video with 120 women, was interrogated by police for seven days in custody. After completing seven days, he was presented to court and then sent to Hisar. Baba made many shocking revelations during these seven days of remand. Police said at the press conference that Jalebi Baba had the habit of feeding them opium before anyone who abused women. He himself was addicted to opium himself. After that, when the women were intoxicated, they raped them. During this time, he made a video of rape, which he then had them sing by showing them. He used to hide opium in his crematorium near his ashram. Also kept some of them

Know that Jalebi Baba was leading an ashram in the town of Tohna, Fatehabad District, Haryana. When a young woman or a young woman came to see her with her problem, she had the habit of raping her in her trap and making a video of this incident. He has committed such shameful acts with about 120 women. His affairs were going well, but two women opened the pole of his black actions. At the police station, the complaint was filed against Baba. When the police raided the ashram, they were filmed at the same time as several women. Apart from this, there are many things available in the ashram, including herbs, drunk pills, iron rods to twinkle, feathers. After that, the police arrested Baba and interrogated him on remand.

It is said that 14 years ago, this person ran the store Jalebi and Pokoda on the trail of the hill. Later, he began to claim to be the master and declared the suppression of the people's problems. This led to the creation of an ashram named Amarpuri, where gradually mobilized crowds. Baba began to rape and blackmail women on the pretext of removing problems and problems. After all, his stereotype was open and he found himself behind bars in the prison.

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