James Wright tells us why he almost read Patti LaBelle | I went viral

The viral star would never exchange it for nothing.

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  1. OMG how did I not see this video he is hilarious

  2. I had no interest in the pie. The cobblers are good.

  3. It’s true if it wasn’t good we would have said he’ll no it’s nasty!! But it would have been sweet to just said that I appreciate him and that he gave it attention it would have been nice to give him a coin or two

  4. What a ble$$ing! So happy for all your successes #JamesWrightChanel!!! ?

  5. Am I dumb or does this title make no sense at all? Let me know if I'm trippin'

  6. Legally, he didn't earn a profit, but I felt silly when she gave him bags instead of a check.

  7. I feel like if 11 million dollars was made she could have at least hit him off with 4-6million. Like girl come one. It be your own people sometimes

  8. Wow!
    You Go, Boy!!!
    My Goodness!!!
    This Was A FABULOUS STORY!!!!
    LOVE THIS!!!?❤?

  9. Turns out, her sweet potato pie was really just a sugar coated pumpkin pie.

  10. James you look great! I love your hair & you're rockin those glasses hun! I only bought that pie because of you but unfortunately It was way too sweet for me. I feel she should have given you way more credit & a fat check. Stay blessed & I wish you continued success!!! ??

  11. Well I wasn't expecting to be uplifted… thank you for that James

  12. I’m sorry those damn pies I’m nasty?????

  13. Yes he did put the pie on the map

  14. She should have given him a lil bit of change. But Baptist don't do any of that stuff.

  15. She invited you as to not pay you royalty off the 11mil. Hahaha. James get your money. Ok?

  16. James is a cool guy. I love him. Also, he is LEGIT the only reason I went looking for that damn Patti Pie. #FACTS

  17. His personality gives me so much life! LOVE HIM!

  18. I tried the pie, didn’t like it.

  19. He is one of the most down to earth people on the face of this earth!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Why does this woman have hair on it's face?

  21. Chybye, I bought that mediocre ass pie because of James,I didn't even know Patty had pies! With all do respect?

  22. i love James he has a wonderful spirit and is truly anointed

  23. Had some Patti Pies .. never heard of him .. next

  24. Did you get yo money JAMES!!!

  25. That dinner and Louis Vuitton didn't mean SQUAT. That's A SHAME Patti. I knew NOTHING about those pies and no one I know didn't either. That's why Patti's voice is gone now. Yeah, I said it. She couldn't hit a note if it slapped her in the FACE.

  26. I loooove his honesty, humbleness and congrats to his success! #teamjames

  27. I wanna go to Patty house …bitch can I touch you honey

  28. Wow. I would’ve never known he was a woman. His voice is crazy

  29. "Yes hunnaayy", you got me in tears right now, when you say post everyday, just keep doing you. I'm tearing up because I was about to stop posting so much, I call em my moments of truth. All are truthful really, but I Get too graphic for people I guess??. Like when I made a homemade maxipad, I didn't mean no harm I actually thought I was being helpful, we bitches know we run out of pads n get a lil lazy, I didn't feel like going to the store that early, and there it went ???, it worked too, so I still do it. But I love you because you said no matter what cause they gone say mean stuff, yes they do, I started to listen too.Thinking I may be doing too much, but I can't help being n doing what comes naturally. I talk alot, to some too much, songs I hear I'm inspired so I mimic sometimes, it's not always about getting likes, why ppl don't understand that?????. I fell in love with you and this my first time seeing you, but I will be on the lookout for more of ya!???❤️?️

  30. hey sweetie, viral or not, I love your attitude, your character, etc. You a whole fool boo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️