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JD Scott, brother of "Property Brothers", talks about the disease

J.D. Scot, brother of the stars of "Property Brothers", Drew and Jonathan, made a public statement this week on a disease he had suffered for a year. The doctors told Scott that they still did not know what it was.

Scott and his fiancée Annalee Belle Monday released a 27-minute video on his Instagram account. In the video, Scott and his fiancé went on to talk in depth about the medical problems he faced in the last 14 months.

Scott posted a warning with the video explaining that it would be "long and emotional enough," and also urged viewers to be patient.

"Human beings are delicate creatures and I discovered how delicate this past year was in fighting something very serious," he wrote.

Scott recalls being overwhelmed by extreme temperature sensitivity of more than 70 degrees, among other symptoms, to the point where Scott ended up in the hospital.

"This event was so serious that I thought I was dying," he said.

Scott said the doctors had done various tests and finally several MRIs, fearing something would happen in his head. He said that the doctors first thought that it was lupus, an autoimmune disease.

The doctors then determined that it was not lupus, but two cerebral aneurysms.


Scott said that he had also begun to feel a "creepy feeling" in his head. After further tests, Scott said that a neurologist had mentioned a rather rare condition called nummular headache.

"He told me," It's possible that you do not suffer from one thing, these are some of the things that lead to these symptoms, "Scott said.

Finally, he visited a functional doctor. Scott said the doctor had told him that it was likely that many problems would come together. Tests revealed an infection showing that Scott's body was reacting in the same way he could react to an autoimmune disease, with his antibodies "through the roof".


The doctor prescribed antibiotics about a month ago and suggested a diet that eliminates wheat, dairy products, soy, gluten and sugar. Although he was not "cured", Scott said at the end of the video that things have improved.

"Happier things are better," he said. "The world and life work in a mysterious way, I am very grateful for [Annalee] because I would not have done it. "

The couple also thanked the viewers for their support.

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