Jeff Brohm's High School Receives a Bomb Threat Following His Decision to Reject Louisville and Stay in Purdue

Photo: Steven Branscombe (Getty)

Jeff Brohm grew up in Louisville and played football for four years in Louisville in the early 1990s. He returned there after the end of his professional career to spend six seasons as assistant coach of Bobby Petrino and Steve Kragthorpe. His ties to the state and his history at school, as well as the success he had as head coach at Western Kentucky and Purdue, made Brohm the perfect candidate to replace Petrino, sacked by Louisville earlier this month.

Brohm reportedly met Louisville Sports Director Vince Tyra on Tuesday and was even reported by mistake by Dan Dakich that Brohm would leave Purdue and move to Louisville. So you can understand why the fans of Louisville were disappointed to learn on Wednesday that Brohm decided to stay in Purdue, it seems, after receiving a nice salary increase and some performance incentives in a compensation program higher than Louisville's offer. The disappointment is natural! On the other hand, triggering a bomb threat in a high school is well beyond what one would normally consider to be a range of sports-based disappointments. Alas:

Trinity officials were informed by the police of a threat to the school because of Jeff Brohm's decision to stay in Purdue.

While the police investigate the threats, the classes are canceled and the offices are closed on Thursday, November 29th.

Trinity is a high school in Louisville, and it's one of his sons, Jeff Brohm, who graduated in 1989. It's nice to see that Cardinals fans handle this coaching research as a reasonable person, and not at all like a madman. Unless this is the means used by a child to get out of a biology exam. Another terrible idea!

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