JK's new governor, "our man", says BJP President Ravinder Raina in a viral video

The new governor of the JK, "our man", declares BJP President Ravinder Raina in a viral video [ad_2]


  1. Mr Raina you are wrong. As per constitution Governor, PM, CM, and The President does not belong to any particular party, but is a constitutional post. Pl think before you make a public statement.

  2. Lal sing gardar ha jammu yalu ka

  3. Dog's dogs indian dogs go back

  4. we already knew it. There is nothing new going on. Same old impunity, nepotism and control over people.

  5. Whole authoritiy in J&K is communal

  6. True face of communal pigs

  7. polity mentioned that governor is the agent of central govt…so this is not surprise….everyone know it…

  8. Kasheeri aaye kem kem khale athav draye ?? Ye kous koker cha wan???