Keto Diet breath sensor, start of the application closes the $ 2.5 million seed round

Keyto, a start-up that is building a connected breath sensor and an associated app to help users on a ketogenic diet, has raised $ 2.5 million in start-up funds. Craft Ventures was at the head of the series and also included additional support from Floodgate Fund, Abstract Ventures and Hydra Ventures alongside Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz.

According to a statement, this investment will serve to increase the manufacturing and research and development of the company's device. Keyto expects its consumer-oriented platform to be available in early 2019 and is currently offering the pre-sale feature on Indiegogo for $ 99.

"In the past year, the ketogenic diet has become one of the most popular diets in the United States. We believe that the market is ripe for a device like Keyto, which can help people achieve their goals more effectively, "said David Sacks, co-founder and general partner of Craft Ventures. "The proven track record of the Keyto team, combined with the unique form factor of its product, make it a very compelling investment."

Used as an alternative to urine strips or blood tests, the Keyto connected sensor measures the acetone content of the user's breath to determine if his body has become ketosis due to his diet. After breathing the battery-powered device, users can view iOS and Android apps, as well as receive personalized advice, meal recommendations, diet-friendly recipes, lifestyle tips, tips and tricks. educational videos and access to a community of peers to the scheme.

Why is it important

Keto, sometimes more than other diets, can be harmful for some people and requires frequent monitoring among others. As such, a service that can attractively track a dieter's personal biomarkers and provide a diet-specific health education could reduce unexpected outcomes.

What is the trend?

A little like calorie counter applications or other wellness-based offerings, Keyto is entering the digital consumer health ecosystem as an additional tool for consumers seeking a diet in search of progress. But he's not alone in the digital keto space – Virta Health, a digital diabetes management company that recently announced a 100% risk-based pricing structure, associates a keto diet with monitoring, supervision and remote monitoring to reduce the risk of chronic disease for patients.

On the record

"The caliber of our investment partners is a testament to the solid product we have built over the past year. We can now put on the market one of the most promising and sophisticated health programs, "said Dr. Ethan Weiss, Associate Professor and Preventive Cardiologist at UCSF and co-founder of Keyto, in a statement. "We have simplified the science behind the ketogenic diet with a device that tracks metabolism in real time, coupled with an app that provides concrete recommendations to help people lose weight quickly while maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

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