Konshens & Beenie Man BA $ H Mr Vegas after recording viral video from $ ecurity Get $ H0T 2018

Konshens & Beenie Man BA $ H Mr Vegas after recording the 2018 viral video

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  1. I understand what Mr. Vegas was trying to say and do. His approach was appropriate in this incident.
    For all of the Vegas haters and Monday night quarterbacks, FU!!

  2. try take a man gun? you is a big idiat!

  3. Every logical person on planet Earth been beating Vegas Skin raw since yesterday and he deserves it

  4. Security guard have police powers now I cannot understand wah going on a jamrock

  5. King alarm get rid of those ppl b4 u lose sum locations

  6. Him should a say look behind you quick, vegas a one fool.

  7. Mi hate big pussy vegas issi man him come een just like big pussy foota ?

  8. Vagas go suck yuh mother big waste man

  9. Yeah the man was right the man in the blue shirt attack the businessman .And security shouldn't have licked the man in the face that was self-defense Justified

  10. Vegas who are you. You are so stupid .you should be charge with inciting violence on man. Dick head who are you that the man should be mindful of.

  11. Agree with Koshen idiot Vegas a record and a chat up him mouth before him call ambulance. Damn ass

  12. Look how much a unu deh deh an him rush the man fi teck weh him gun…..the man had to defend himself…because the man no know if him would a teck him gun from him an shoot him….the gun wasent even exposed so why he went for the man gun….security you wrong…an Vegas STFU…..smh

  13. Take vegas cell phone….and usher him out????

  14. Is a police or a security that kick the man in a him face…smh

  15. If the security lose him life he would be the cause of it….why the hell was he trying to disarm the man's licenced fire arm when the man waren't even endangering anyone…..security you wrong….
    An Vegas you need to go to the crazy house for an evaluation because something not right in you head part…..smh

  16. WOODWORK – MAHC on YouTube Channel MAHC World

  17. So how Mr Vegas a say…
    MY YOUTH ..YOU KILL THE MAN..but still the man a walk round an roynd the place…a the fuss mi si a dead man a walk…lol

  18. Vargas need to take a chill pill

  19. So you know about that part ? Ok you never heard that the business man call his 2 bredrine and beat up the security ? Bare gunbut !!!! Oh. Maybe you guys don't wanna hear that part where they beat up the security.

  20. di dutty man call thugs to beat up the boy earlyer,a that make di boy rush him him still vexx

  21. Vagas u is a batty bloodchaat boy