Kristen Stewart, Chris Pine and other stars remember Anton Yelchin in the first trailer of the posthumous documentary


Anton YelchinMemory still lives.

It has been almost three years since Star Trek The star tragically died in an abnormal accident on June 19, 2016. Friends of the 27-year-old found him crushed between a security fence and his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which seemed to have hurtled down the slope of the 39, entrance to his home.

Naturally, his death has been a devastating loss for countless people in the film industry, including his friends and co-stars. Chris Pine, Kristen Stewartand Willem Dafoe. And in the trailer of the recently published biographical documentary, Love, AntoshaThese stars share the beautiful story of Anton's life.

Kristen Stewart, who played alongside the Russian actor in 2005 Ferocious people"I'm so confused by his talent, I wanted to be better, smarter, but I could not even stay with him."

His terminator co-star, Bryce Dallas Howards, is also a great admirer of the star. "Who he was as an artist was well beyond the role of actor because he could do anything," she exclaims during a clip.

But the heartbreaking documentary is not based solely on the testimony of his famous friend. There are videos at the home of a young Anton in the days leading up to his well known actor reputation. At one point, his mother reads a letter that he wrote to him as a child.

And Anton himself details his rise to glory, as well as his passion for life and art. "The thrill of making movies and studying characters and working with people that you respect and admire is up to now above all the rest." At least for me, you know, that's all. that's how I think, "shares this last.

The film should be released on August 2nd.

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