KSI eliminated by LoganPaul (viral video)


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49 thoughts on “KSI eliminated by LoganPaul (viral video)”

  1. Wtf has YouTube become, I missed when people made actual videos to entertain, now its just fucking cancer. Youtubers boxing to see who tf wins? What is this? And all of you 12 yr Olds come and hate on me.

  2. Anyways, This is what I think could happen.: I do believe considering JJ (KSI) has been working nonstop over cardio ever since he won that Joe Weller fight, and even afterwards on his free-time, he can make logan tired pretty easily. And Logan has been wrestling, which doesn't acquire "Boxing Cardio" as you can say it. Wrestling is more about strength. So if JJ (KSI) does manage to go pass minimum 2 – 4 rounds with logan, he has a higher chance of winning the match than what he did before that. But remember, JJ (KSI) is still strong and has powerfull punches, so if Logan gets tired, it low-key means that it's over for him.

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