Lady Gaga reacts to rumors about Bradley Cooper's case


  • Internet thinks that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are in love with ILR thanks to their Oscar performances.
  • Lady Gaga mentioned the rumors of their "affair" with Jimmy Kimmel.

    Hello, are you currently in The Shallow? Ditto, and I've been there since the Oscar performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, an event that turned most Internet users into thirsty conspiracy theorists, desperate for their love of the screen to be real. .



    In fact, there has been foolish many speculations that Gaga and Bradley are in love with IRL (despite the fact that he is with super model Irina Shayk), and Lady Gaga has just broken his silence about Jimmy Kimmel. I'M READY.

    Jimmy has not wasted time asking Mother WTF for what's going on between her and Bradley, and here's how she responded:

    "First and foremost, social media, it's frankly the groom of the internet.And what she did to pop culture is abominable.Yes, people have seen it." 39, love and guess what? This is what we wanted you to see .It is a love song .. The movie A star is born is a story of love […] It was so important for both of us that we are connected all the time … Listen, I put my arms around Tony Bennett for three years, traveling the world. When you sing love songs, that's what you want people to feel. "

    Gaga ended her reflections saying, "I'm an artist and I guess we did a good job … we got ourselves!"

    So, I guess that's all. But before we leave, can we just talk about the face that Gaga created when Kimmel mentioned this issue?



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