Last quarter moon in Scorpio horoscopes for February 4, 2021


On Thursday, February 4, 2021, the last quarter moon will be in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Like any Scorpio, the last quarter moon brings an extra dose of intensity to your zodiac sign and horoscope for the next week.

During this three-quarter phase, the Moon rises at midnight, reaches its zenith at dawn, and sets at noon, so a day full of energy will be felt.

The last quarter moon phase is nearing the end of the Moon’s 28-day cycle, and when things start to end, it’s good to be extra careful.

In astrology, the last quarter moon is the time to end your monthly aspirations, and if you need a reason to focus, now is the time.

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The last quarter moon phase means you have seven days to work out the details and make that final push towards manifesting your goals for the month. You don’t have much time before the new moon phase arrives.

The last quarter moon means that you are 21 days away in the current lunar cycle and you should be ready for the next lunar cycle which will begin shortly after the sun changes the signs of the zodiac.

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