Ridge Hospital ICU lacks oxygen and beds – doctor’s announcement


General news for Tuesday 2 February 2021

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Greater Accra Regional Hospital Greater Accra Regional Hospital

Dr Emmanuel Ahaible, head of COVID-19 case management at Ridge Hospital, noted that the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge, was lacking in oxygen and beds for intensive care patients.

He attributed this to the overwhelming cases the hospital receives on a daily basis from people in critical conditions.

Dr Ahiable, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, noted that the intensive care beds in the intensive care unit at Ridge Hospital have been occupied since January 8, 2021, with patients in need of oxygen as they fought for life.

He explained that a patient needs 15 liters of oxygen per minute to survive and some patients can stay on oxygen for about 2 weeks, hence the urgent need for the vital product.

He pointed out that the Ridge ICU had to expand its facility from 8 beds to 16 due to frequent referrals to the hospital.

From March 2020 to January 2021, the Ridge COVID-19 ICU recorded 267 severe cases with 51 deaths.

Data presented by the Ghanaian health service on the number of cases in the country as of Tuesday, February 2, 2021 indicate that 772 new cases have been registered and the number of deaths has risen to 424.

Dr Ahiable therefore called on the government and private institutions to donate to the hospital to help their work as they help save lives in abnormal times.

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