Latest attempts for the Radeon RX 590 to work with Linux


When the Radeon RX 590 was launched two weeks ago, Linux support was not anticipated because it was an additional Polaris graphics card, virtually unchanged from the point of view. view of the pilot, compared to the RX 580 and other recent Polaris maps. Unfortunately, at least for some AIB RX 590 cards, this was not the case.

After buying a Sapphire Radeon RX 590 on launch day, it did not work at all with the AMDGPU Linux driver. When booting modern kernel versions, the fan speed would increase and we would lose the display output.

In the days that followed, a new patch and new microcode files were released, but nothing was enough for the graphics card to glow with acceleration under Linux.

Since this previous update, efforts have not stopped. I have tried with the AMDGPU-PRO / Radeon Software Driver 18.40 without success and have tried other AMDGPU DRM kernel driver patches, none of which has been removed.

Fortunately, a few days ago, the AMD Linux driver team ended up buying the Radeon RX 590, identical to the one I had used before. It turned out to be a video BIOS problem or something with this vBIOS that the Linux driver does not know how to handle, which caused excessive behavior.

They are still investigating, but at least progress is being made and they can actually duplicate the problem. I therefore hope that it will only take a few days before patches are available for tests to turn on the RX 590 under Linux, and then to the fun of the benchmarking of this graphics card at 280 USD.

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