Latest viral videos XTC Motorcycle Gang Reaching Weapons in Bandung


Latest viral videos XTC Motorcycle Gang Reaching Weapons in Bandung

Group of bikers acting backwards. In the city of Bandung, a man allegedly a member of a motorcycle gang disrupts the activity of a runner.

The action of the man was recorded. The videos are shown on social media. Detikcom get the video via the WhatsApp messaging application, Monday (28/05/2018). The short video shows the behavior of members of a motorcycle gang.

In the duration of the 25-second video, saw a man was motorcycle dibonceng. In front of the motor man, there is another engine that was beating the flag of the biker gang.

A motorcycle seems reckless driving. The engine was often grazing on the steering side of other drivers driving in the opposite direction.

A circled man seemed to act casually. The man in the black jacket holding a sharp weapon looked like a machete. The man stirs a machete at the driver in the opposite direction.

According to the information collected, the action occurred in the region of Arcamanik, Bandung Saturday (26/5) afternoon.

Kapolrestabes Bandung Kombes Hendro Pandowo said that he already knew the video. Currently he is investigating the man.

"We are investigating to be arrested immediately," Hendro said at a meeting on the sidelines of the West Java police chief's visit to Mapolres Tasikmalaya.

A resident of Ujungberung Annisa Insani confessed uncomfortably with the incident. "Very disturbing and dangerous, the police must act," said Nisa (28).

A number of Warganet also commented on social media. One of them owns the account instagram @dwikygustianm. "It is clear that the genk of the motorcycle is the reason why it is legally allowed to become a mass organization? Until when? Until the victim increases and crime plague?", he wrote.

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Translated titles:
Grltimo viral group of motorcycles xtc of video refuerza arma in bandung

Späteste Virenvideo xtc Motorradgruppe verstärken Waffé in Bandung

Latest viral video xtc moto gang strengthen the weapon in bandung

Latest viral video xtc moto gang strengthen weapons in bandung

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