18 thoughts on “Launch of a survey on C0P in a video VIRAL VIDEO SL @ MM1NG & DR @ GG1NG”

  1. Very unprofessional and brutish that "officer of the law" was in how he handled this situation like a savage. This is a female and you as an "officer" should have dealt with this situation more professionally and mannerly. Totally out of sync and absurd that she was even charged when he was the lone aggressor in the situation. Resiting arrest when one was knocked unconscious is absolute bullsh@$_&. He needs to be brought to justice for his unjust and savage action. #Fdpolice

  2. ? Thanks for the review ???? video link Jamaica ?? I saw it from the other day and wondering what's really going on in our nation … I'm shocked and despaired by the incident knowing that they're the persons that are suppose to serve and protect … Idk what's going with ppl in authority and don't be shocked that half of them in the Jamaican system are linked to crimes also contributed to the crime rate … I strongly believe that base on how I see them operate …

  3. Den dem say the youths get blame for crime when we have police who brutally killing the youths smh society protects these monsters…what if this lady didnt VIDEO the scene????good for him lady fe sue all wey dem no hav fcking bright see y crime cya stop and will never

  4. When are the Government going to start hold these gangsta police responsible for their action. People Jamaica we need to come together and stand for our rights and stop the segregation. Stop fight each other, and fight for each other.

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