LeBron attracts Kyrie Irving to the Lakers? The signs that could happen


CHARLOTTE, NC – If the Lakers fail to convince LeBron James to choose the great hybrid Anthony Davis via a summer exchange, could the Lake Show play a role with Kyrie Irving, a free agent, if he leaves Boston?

Irving, a product of West Orange, N.J., was primarily associated with the Knicks if he took off, but LeBron James' newly revived relationship deserves to be watched. The Lakers have a heading space, but not enough for up to two players like the Knicks.

During the weekend of the stars, James had no trouble shedding light on the January phone call to James by Irving frustrated, claiming he was too young to appreciate the advice of the former fighter in Cleveland.

Irving has a new perspective in seeing the young Celtics fail to live up to their talent.

Nearly two years have passed since Irving triumphed outside of Cleveland to run his own team. He did it one season after defeating the drought at the Cleveland championship with a gargantuan last-minute pointer.

"I have always loved Kyrie since I met him until I became his teammate even now," said James. "I've always thought that it was special. There is a reason why we are only here this weekend. He's here for a reason.

"The phone call – more than for me, I just think to see its growth. It takes a real man and a real person to understand who they should be able to call or do anything, and to see their wrongdoing or believe that they have one, and then to be able to overcome it and to be able to either excuse or say: "At that time, I thought I was ready for something, but it was really not the case".

Irving, who will turn 27 next month, may expand unusually on many topics, including the flatness of the Earth. In fact, Irving revealed his phone conversation with James to several reporters in January.

However, when a Los Angeles reporter asked Irving on Saturday how his relationship with James was evolving, Irving said, "It's none of your business."

So ok. Irving probably prefers to go beyond the subject, which is understandable, in that he tries to give the Celtics a title of champion for what could be his last season there.

After stating that he would sign up again with Boston before the opening of the training camp, Irving has retracted since. But he may not want the conversation between Kyrie and the Lakers to run away.

Irving has always thought of thinking outside the box. He coached the U.S. Rising Stars Challenge on Friday and gave advice to Knicks rookie Kevin Knox. And for the first time in his life, Irving said he wondered if training could be part of his life someday.

"If I thought about leaving the sport in my early thirties, I would not think about training," said Irving. "But being around the game is something very unique for anyone who has a chance to do it, especially if you have those relationships in the league, and they want to keep you. They want your knowledge passed on to the next generation. So, if this opportunity approaches, if I have to graduate from college to become head coach of the NBA, I will do it. "

It is certain that Irving would not have to go back to Duke to get his coaching diploma – unless he takes over from legend Mike Krzyzewski.

If 285-pound Duke rookie Zion Williamson reminds James Irving, he will not say anything. But James likes to talk about the likely number 1 pick in the repechage, which the Knicks may have a better chance of trapping.

"Comparisons of me with Zion or Zion with me – I think it's great for the game," James said. "With his athleticism, we all see. His ability to jump far beyond the 10-foot rim is incredible. What is also incredible is his size, his speed, his agility, his speed, and in addition, it is a big kid.

"Whenever the media has asked him questions, he has always been fair and very humble about it. He is humble about playing the game he loves every day. … I have never met the kid, but I like everything in him, and he keeps the essential, it's basketball. "

Indeed, Irving could have missed the game of stars because he missed the last two games because of a sprained knee. But Irving wants to play Sunday night as a LeBron team pick.

Teammates again with James – for one night.

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a star player, but there is not much chance that you will have the chance to rub shoulders with Kawhi Leonard, to be around KD and having a starter training like us [on Team LeBron]Said Irving. "So I thought a lot about it, but it was not about taking care of my health and making sure I was able to play. I'm fine."

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